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Bi girl living in Chicago. I write, read, watch and do nerdy, fantastic, artistic and horrific things....This is my pictorial diary.
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C2E2 2012

What a whirlwind of emotions..As soon as we walked in we headed straight to the autographing section..after 2 hours of line waiting we finally got to meet John Barrowman and boy was it worth it! He was so awesome and sweet and took a group pic with me and my Doctor Who friend CoSplayers..

and omg he put his arm around me!!

Unfortunately it took so long in his line that we were unable to go to John Cusacks Q&A and we wanted to get the jump on Anne Rice’s free autographs so we did not go to her panel either :( ..we walked around a bit took a break and headed back to the Autograph line and even tho we were early the line was 9 rows long!!!!!! JB’s was 6 and took 2 hours, you do the math! Needless to say that was a no go! So we walked around some more and i’m so ecstatic that so many people loved my costume! I posed for lots of pics, hopefully some of you will find me here so I can see them. I bought a couple Doctor Who toys I was able to score for only $5! So many things I wanted to buy, have to make a point to save more money next time round!

We ended the day with watching a couple Quidditch games and then took a cute Friends Forever Doctor Who photo session, pics to come soon!

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He called me “Miss Dalek”

He called me “Miss Dalek”

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Urgh I miss Ianto.



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John Barrowman singing!

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John Barrowman

Angry IM NOT THERE!!!!!


John Barrowman

Angry IM NOT THERE!!!!!

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